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      TruColour Blog

      Four Subtle Ways to Encourage a Diversity Mindset Among Children

      Four Subtle Ways to Encourage a Diversity Mindset Among Children - Tru-Colour Bandages
      Diversity only becomes effective when it leaves our conversations, and is instead a fundamental part of our lives. In a lot of ways, this implementation can start with the way we raise our children. A diverse mindset stems from genuine thoughtfulness, and this thoughtfulness comes from an open imagination and awareness of others. 

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      The Integrity of Color

      The Integrity of Color - Tru-Colour Bandages

      What would our world be like without color? Imagine looking into your loved ones eyes and seeing gray. Imagine receiving a bouquet of flowers and seeing nothing beyond shapes. Imagine looking out over the ocean and seeing only a combination of black water and white waves. Imagine if everyone looked the same...

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      History of Black Bandages

      History of Black Bandages - Tru-Colour Bandages
      If you’ve ever walked into a store looking for a package of black bandages to match your skin tone, you may have been disappointed with the selection of Band-Aids. There seems to be a plethora of boxes filled with bright neon strips, popular cartoon characters, sheer adhesive options with a light tan center as well as so-called “flesh-colored” Band-Aids...

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