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      Dr. Raymond Wurapa, Co-Owner & Chief Medical Officer

      Dr. Wurapa is Chief Medical Officer of Tru-Colour Bandages and a renowned Orthopedic Hand Surgeon. He brings a fresh and unique perspective to the team advocating for Tru Colour within the medical community, informed by his experience with product development. He has designed and patented several medical devices including novel-shaped fingertip and knuckle bandages released as part of the Tru-Colour product line. Dr. Wurapa resides in Columbus, Ohio with his family and enjoys the arts, travel, sports and photography.

      Mason Duling, Co-Owner & Chief Executive Officer

      Mason Duling is the Chief of Creative Implementation and Executive Operations at Tru-Colour. Mason has been with Tru-Colour since its inception and leads the team both in creative design concepts as well as the daily logistics of supply chain management and operations. Mason resides in the western suburbs of Chicago where he trains and competes in Ironman triathlon events across North America.

      Ryan Tolbert, Co-Owner & Chief of Digital Marketing & Process Improvements

      Ryan Tolbert is the Chief of Digital Marketing and Process Improvement at Tru-Colour. He works diligently to streamline processes and lead the charge for digital marketing relevance. Ryan has advanced the team’s marketing vision by leading the team with best-in-class ideas and execution. Ryan lives in the northwest suburbs of Chicago where he enjoys social dancing and creating art with all different mediums.

      Toby Meisenheimer, Co-Owner & Chief Financial Officer

      Toby Meisenheimer is the co-founder and CFO of Tru-Colour. Motivated by their 6 children, Toby and his wife, Murphy, fight to provide their family with a world that gives equal representation to all, even in something as small as a bandage. Toby leads the team by working to expand Tru-Colour’s retail footprint and coaching others on the team to do the same. Toby and his family live in southwest Michigan where he enjoys staying active by playing ping-pong and pickleball in his limited free time.

      Silvio Rodriguez, Sales Representative

      Silvio Rodriguez heads up bulk sales as the Sales Representative at Tru-Colour. He serves as a liaison between our distribution partners, executive team, shipping team, and manufacturing team to create an enhanced experience for our partners and end consumers. Since joining the team Silvio has worked on increasing the speed and quality of sales communications with our largest clients. Silvio resides in West Michigan where he enjoys everything music, sports, coffee, and travel.

      Joyce Britt, Bookkeeper

      Joyce serves as the Bookkeeper at Tru-Colour. She helps in communication with customers and supports the accounting department. She brings a wealth of experience with her service-oriented background and her love to connect people. Joyce resides in the western suburbs of Chicago with her husband and two kids where she enjoys camping, skiing and hiking in the outdoors with her family.

      Josiah Snyder, Logistics

      Josiah takes on most of the logistics responsibilities of Tru-Colour He organizes our shipping information by keeping track of where our inventory is across the world. He is regularly in touch with our manufacturers in order to get updates to our sales team so they can forward that information to our customers. Born, raised, and currently residing in the West Michigan area, he enjoys all types of outdoor adventures with his wife.

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