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      For nearly a century traditional bandages have failed to represent more than one skin tone segment of the diverse world we live in. In 2014 TruColour sought to create bandages to better match the darker shades of skin that had no representation at the time. There are many case were it’s nice to have a bandage that lends itself to be less noticeable—just a few years ago if you were person of color your bandage section could call attention in the contrast between your skin tone and the options available.
      TruColour Skin Tone bandages took inspiration from the Fitzpatrick Scale  a numerical classification system for human skin color. It was originally developed to estimate how different skin types respond to ultraviolet light. While this way of measuring skin tone proves to be an essential tool for research, it can also be a practical development for other fields, including first aid. Using this model, TruColour has created a variety of options so that any person looking for a bandaid that blends into their unique skin color, will have a wider and more specific variety to choose from. 

      Are you curious about where you might fall on this scale? This chart can help you identify which segment you might fall into, and which TruColour bandage bag would best blend to your skin tone. 

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